Storylabs is a product of S&S Apps, LLC. S&S Apps, LLC is an educational software company with decades of experience in language education, programming and IT management. 

They are eager to help as many clients share their curriculum with classrooms around the world. We currently provide two curricula. The first is HEART, a sex ed curricula that meets the requirements of the California Ed Code. The second curricula is World Language Reading and is a collection of stories and novels from talented teachers who have found great success in teaching with stories in their classroom.

Storylabs delivers custom content to K-12 classrooms. Purchase content from our experienced authors and customize it to fit your class, or organize your own materials to sell or share.

With built-in journaling, as well as usage tracking for your own links and quizzes, our student-privacy-certified platform allows educators to confidently use, share or sell their learning units in a format that’s ready for immediate use.