Organizations To Follow

 It is important to communicate with organizations outside of our communities, and within our state in order to stay updated and aware of possible trends and laws. Communication with those involved with House and Senate bills is imperative, as we will extend that information to group members to vote on those bills. 

A group of parents committed to protecting the parent-child relationship in law and education. Monitoring state and local legislation. 

We believe it is the responsibility of every citizen, especially public officials, to oppose philosophies and programs which usurp parental rights or diminish the role of the family.

Committed to valuing students, empowering parents and supporting communities to secure great educations for public school children in America.

A national movement of moms to promote the principles of Liberty to restore the Republic, and create a culture of truth, family and freedom in our homes and communities.

A grassroots service center to a community of over 6 million activists who believe in individual liberty and constitutionally limited government.  

There is still time to right the ship if we act now and get Utah leaders to take action to reverse this power grab and keep control of our education system.

Parents, we need to unite to win this battle. The hearts and minds of our children and the future of our great country depend on it.

OPT-OUT Utah has developed and is developing a number of opt-out forms. OPT-OUT Utah does NOT retain any personally identifiable data collected. 

Informing and supporting parents, students, and teachers to act differently about education in Utah.  

Resources, Laws, and Opt-Out Forms 

Families are being overcome by a social change agenda.  We look to the right and the left for rescue, when we should be looking up.

A nonprofit public-interest law firm founded to defend parents’ rights to shield their children from the impacts of gender identity ideology 

An App the connects representatives and constituents. It lets you post alerts and calls to action for specific constituents or groups. 

Private and Homeschool Resources

Private school that offers comprehensive core studies, and is centered on American Democracy and christian beliefs. The educational institution also offers online instruction and homeschool curriculum.  Parents are strongly encouraged to be an active part of the schools programs. 

  • Emphasizes family, God, high character, nature, and wholesome literature
  • Requires no daily prep time—just open the book, follow the instructions, learning and exploring along with your child
  • Family Style – History, Science, & Electives

More than just an education, Homeschooling is an exciting educational journey that will benefit your children and build strong family bonds.

Support Groups & Co-ops, find and connect within the homeschool community near you. 

Educating and Equipping Citizens to Rekindle the Torch of Freedom in Their Communities!

If you have a resource you would like to share in this spot please contact us.

If you have a resource you would like to share in this spot please contact us.