About Us

Protect, Preserve and Restore Quality Education for our Provo Children.

Who we are...

Whether a single parent, guardian or household with both mother and father, the Family is the most important unit of society. We believe that parents are responsible for the conduct, education and religious training of their children as they grow to become morally competent and self-sustaining adults.

Our Concerns...

Through extensive investigation and research, we find that the face of education is changing. In many cases, it is no longer being considered the primary source for directing our children toward a successful future. 
Students are taught specific materials within the classroom, but are those materials in keeping within the standards of the Utah State Board of Education as it was originally outlined, or observing state and local laws?  There are no checks and balances to ensure if the instructor or administration is fulfilling the required standards set forth.

Our Vision

Our Mission

We believe that all children have the God-Given right and ability to rise to their greatest potential through opportunity, dedication and personal achievement, and that the family is key and fundamental in building a constructive and democratic society.

Our Goals

It is the aim of Provo Families to acquire and relay current information on the various platforms of instruction, educators and classroom management, and in holding accountable any indiscretion which is contrary to those laws and ordinances that have built a strong society and nation set forth by our Founding Fathers.

Our Vision

We believe that parents claim the right and duty to govern the education of their children, and support the public school system as far as it upholds and values the rights set forth by the Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights, and does not minimize the role of the family and the values they hold.